Sunday, 23 September 2012

Standing 3D T-Rex Cake....Ummmmmm

Amongst this weeks cakes are birthday cakes for my friend's twins who are turning 5 at the end of the week.

The little girl is easy, as she wants "Billy Bear" who is not too difficult to do.  However, the little boy has asked for a dinosaur cake, but it MUST have teeth and be scary....he'd really like a T-Rex, but I am a little indecisive about how to create this as, as my husband has told me "dinosaurs don't sit down!".

OK, so I'm left wondering how on earth I create a standing cake.  I've googled this, as I have been asked many times for a standing horse, etc, etc... but the physics of making cake stand on it's own just don't add up. 

It seems that this can be done, as some cake makers do it, but you need PVC plumbing parts and sometimes metal pipe which is bent into shape.  I'm not too sure about using metal pipes as support structures in my cakes, as it's not particularly hygienic and I don't think I'd want to eat cake which has been around a metal pipe!

Also, I have to bear in mind that my friend has to get these two cakes up to Marwell Activity Barn, down bumpy lanes, without the whole thing collapsing!  I live on my nerves enough when delivering normal cakes, without adding delicate cakes into the mix!

The other concern, is that the little boy is egg intolerant.  I've managed to find a recipe which I think will stand up to the job, so atleast that's the baking part sorted out.  I will post the egg free sponge recipe later on.

I'm never too keen on taking on cake for allergy sufferers, but it seems a shame, as so many children are now plighted with such intolerances or allergies, and why should they miss out on a lovely birthday cake because of that. 

So, my next venture, will be into sourcing and making gluten free, egg free, diary free cakes so that these little kids, and sometimes adults, don't miss out.

But, watch this space for what becomes of my T-Rex!

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