Saturday, 24 January 2009

Wish Cakes Wins Star Cake and Letter

Last week ended on a particularly high note for me. I had a surprise phone call telling me that I had won a £75 prize from Cakes and SugarCraft magazine.

I had submitted some of my work and a letter a few months ago and had completely forgotten that I had done this as I have been so busy. I was overwhelmed that my cakes are considered good enough to feature in this magazine. It was a lovely end to a busy week. The magazine is on sale from the end of January, so I look foward to receiving my copy!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Over Christmas....

Christmas was a very busy time for me. I produced two Wedding Cakes, along with several other Novelty cakes. I was supposed to be taking some time off, but it didn't turn out like that! 2008 was a successful year for Wish Cakes, but hopefully 2009 might be a little more profitable!

My Chocolate Wedding cake creation was decorated with handmade Belgium chocolate. I think the design works quite well!

I was also asked to create an "In the Night Garden" cake. Although this is very simple in design, I think the colours work really well and my customer certainly was very pleased.