Monday, 17 November 2008

Wedding Cake

This is one of my latest creations in my Wedding Cake Portfolio.

It is a two tier madeira cake covered in blue blossoms. This is quite a contemporary and new style for wedding cakes. If you are looking for something different and simple, then perhaps this is could be the style for you?

My customer was absolutely over the moon with it. She wrote a fantastic testimonial.

Friday, 7 November 2008


My mum celebrated her 60th Birthday on 31st October. Last year's cake was an Enchanted Tree with a witch on the top! Knowing that a cake similar to that would be a bit below the belt, I embarked on making a 3D gnome. My mum has a staggering amount of these little fellows in her garden, and has now created a "Pixie Garden" which the grandchildren love. I am afraid I do not share this same passion!

As we had organised a party for her, I thought it best that she had two cakes, one, being the Gnome for her actually birthday and another for the party. She loves pink and flowers, so I created this delicate and feminine cake for all the party goers. We had a fantastic time and danced the night away (mainly to Cliff Richard songs urgh!).


A customer called and asked for a James Bond theme cake. This is for her daughter's 21st Birthday Party. The colour schemes are black, gold and diamonds. After a little thought, I came up with this idea. The high heeled shoes (all edible) on the cake are an added bonus, not only being elegant (like the Bond Girls), but also the birthday girl had asked for a pair of "Jimmy Choo" shoes, so it was perfect!


Earlier on in October I was asked to make 40 fairy cakes to celebrate 21 years of Rainbows. Each cake was iced and then decorated with a rainbow and a candle was added. I then individually wrapped each cake so that they could be taken home.

The Rainbows had a fantastic time at the party and this comment was passed on to me from the Rainbow leader

"I was most impressed with the Rainbow cake: we lit the candle the next day and sang Happy Birthday to Rainbows."

Friday, 10 October 2008


Cancer Research is a very important Charity to me. Bowel Cancer is hereditary in our family and without the research done by this charity, my mum probably wouldn't be here today.

I have been approached by a lady who has suffered from Cancer and survived. She is organising a massive Ball in Sutton Scotney early next year to raise money for this Charity and has asked if I would donate a cake.

After some discussion, I am to make 250 fairy cakes to be placed at each table setting. Each cake will incorporate their logo.

I am really excited about doing this as I have never made that many cakes all in one go! If you want to take a look, her website is

I will post back after the event with pictures of the cakes!

Sunday, 5 October 2008


Need a Non-Edible Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper? Look no further....

Today saw the launch of my new non-edible cake toppers. Crafted from a Polymer Clay they are the perfect keepsake of your special day.

They are much tougher and stronger than the sugar toppers, although, they should be placed on a perspex board before placing on top of the cake.

Just as the sugar toppers, these can also be dressed to the customer's requirements and the detailing is just the same.
Hopefully, they will prove to be a big success at a reasonable price...

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Usually it is only fruit cakes which are marzipanned. Although, I do like to use marzipan, if my customer wants it, on madeira cakes. Marzipan provides a stable base for icing and you do tend to get a better, smoother finish.

1 Your cake should be spread with boiled apricot jam.

2 Knead your marzipan on a lightly dusted surface (dusted with icing sugar)

3 Roll out the marzipan to about 4mm thick. Dust your rolling pin with icing sugar and roll the marzipan up on to the rolling pin and lift carefully on to the cake. Start at the "front" of the cake and roll to the "back". Trim off any excess.

4 Now re-knead any usable marzipan and roll into a long strip, wide enough to cover the sides of the cake.

5 Roll the marzipan up and starting at the corner of the cake (if square) unroll onto the edge of the cake. If necessary, cut a straight edge at the end of the roll and re-roll some more and join the marzipan together by rubbing the seams in a circular motion with icing sugar.

6 Trill off the marzipan at the top and rub the edges using your forefinger in a circular motion with icing sugar to make a neat seam between the top and sides.


This takes practice! I would suggest starting with a smallish cake, about 6 inch square or round is best to start with.
Before you start, your cake should be free of crumbs. If it is a fruit cake which has been marzipaned, then the marzipan should be dampened slightly with a little alcohol or boiled water. Do not make this too wet else you will get "bubbles" in your icing. If you are icing a maderia cake, then you should coat the cake lightly with buttercream.
Any gaps between the board and the cake should be filled with a little sugarpaste. If your cake has risen in the middle, then you should level the top with a cake leveller. Always use the bottom of the cake to ice so as to ensure a flat finish.
1 Start by dusting your rolling pin and board or work surface with a little icing sugar. Not too much or you will dry your icing out too quickly.
2 Knead your sugarpaste so that it is soft. Shape it into a round blob. You are now ready to roll.
3 Roll the icing out evenly. If you are covering a square cake, try and keep the icing in a square shape when rolling out, if it is a round cake, then try and keep the icing to a circular shape.
4 The icing needs to be about 3-4mm thick. You can use marzipan spacers to get the right thickness. It is important that the icing is not too thick or thin. Too thick and it will crack, too thin and it will tear.
5 Using a piece of clean string, measure across the width of your cake and then make sure that your icing is big enough to fit over your cake. The icing should be slightly bigger. If you have too much "overhang" then the icing will pull and you will end up with splits and cracks.
6 Once you are satisfied that you have the correct width and length, gently roll the icing up on to the rolling pin. Carefully lift it and roll over the cake. I always start from the "front" of the cake and then roll the icing towards the "back" of the cake. The icing should now be laying loosely on the cake.
7 You now need to smooth out the icing. If you are icing a round cake, you need to lift the icing slightly away from the edges and smooth down with your hands, lifting and smoothing as you go around the cake so that you don't get any creases. If you are icing a square cake. Lift the corners out on each side and smooth down. This will stop it from creasing up. This is quite a hard technique to master and takes a bit of practice.
8 You can now use your cake smoothers to smooth and shine the icing. Trim the bottom of the cake against the board. Take care when you do this that you do not cut the icing too short. It is a very easy mistake to make!

Why does Wish Cakes not have a Shop?

Can I come to your Shop? This is a question asked by many of my customers. The answer to which is, I don't have a shop, I am home based.

Some customers seem confused when I reply with this answer. Let me explain why I don't have a shop.... It's simple, the first reason being that I can't afford to lease a shop as I do not make enough profit. Secondly, I feel that if I were to move into business premises my whole business ethos of providing a intimate and personal service would be lost. If you look at many of the cake businesses running throughout the South, they don't offer the extensive range cakes (especially 3D) which I provide. Indeed, if they do, then the cost to the customer is higher.

Running my business from home means that my overheads are lower, therefore my prices are lower and I feel that I can give my customers the one to one commitment for their order.

I do not employ anyone either. This too is simply because Wish Cakes is "me". Cake decorating can be likened to art, Da Vinci paintings are different to Dahli, so my cakes are different to others. I am not, of course, saying that mine are better than anyone elses, I am merely stating that our styles would be different.

Even though I work from home I still have to be checked by Environmental Health, so there are food safety issues in place to ensure that my working environment is clean and tidy. (Believe me, I would not eat from a dirty kitchen myself, so it is definitely clean!)

I will continue to run my business from home for as long as I can. I feel that there is no reason for me to expand at the moment!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


We are about to display our range of Christmas Cakes on the website.

If you need your Christmas Cake, please order early to allow time to mature!

Theses mini cakes make fabulous stocking fillers and gifts for Grandparents and people living on their own. They are individually packaged in their own gift bag too!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Charity Events/Fayres

I was approached earlier in the year by Rainbow Childrens Trust who were running a fundraiser in Petersfield. They asked if I would donate a "party cake" to add to their cake stall.

After checking the Charity out on the internet, I saw that they were fundraising for a fantastic cause. I felt that a normal party cake would not suffice. Instead I produced the Cinderella Carriage Cake for them to raffle. The Organisers were over the moon and it apparently helped to encourage people to buy more raffle tickets!

This is still one of my favourite cakes.

I have also donated cakes to the local schools for their raffles at Christmas and for one schools' summer fayre

It's all about taste, not just what it looks like!

For me, it's not just about the decoration. It is really important that the cakes taste as good as they look.
I am just in the process of testing out a decent carrot cake recipe to add to my flavours. Every recipe is tested by me (and my husband and his work colleagues!) before I use it to make my cakes.
I only use the best ingredients, and even if this works out a little more expensive, I feel that the quality is reflected in the taste. I will never, ever use eggs from caged hens. I will always picked the RSPCA assured eggs/ Lion stamped eggs which are from free range hens. I would really like to use eggs from Farm Shops, but unfortunately, Environmental Health state that they have to be sourced from a reputable supplier. Until I can source somewhere other than the local Hypermarket, then I will have to settle for their eggs.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Celebration Cakes

My Celebration cakes range from Anniversaries through to the more traditional birthday cake. These are either rich fruit cakes or madeira cakes. They have all been designed to my customers specification.

Christening Cakes

This is a special day for your baby and choosing the right type of Christening cake is very important.

Whether you want a classic traditional cake, or a fun cake, I can help you.

Wedding Cakes

Getting married is a really special time. It is important to make sure that you have chosen the right wedding cake. I offer a relaxed consultation to discuss designing and producing the right cake for you. I can guide you through the process to give you the cake of your dreams.

Whether you want individual cakes, fairy cakes or a stacked tiered cake I can make it!

Novelty Cakes

My novelty cakes range from 3D Sculptures through to traditional square or round madeira cakes with sugarpaste characters and models.

Any cake which is sculpted is made in Madeira sponge only as it would be too difficult to sculpt a fruit cake.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Wish Cakes

Welcome to Wish Cakes Blog!

This page is designed to give you some idea of the types of cakes which I produce.

I started my business just over a year ago. I have two children and decided that, rather than go back to office work, it would be better to try and work from home. For many years I have baked birthday cakes for friends and family and I decided that this was something that I could develop with financial reward. After checking out my competition and a gruelling couple of months of hard work setting up my website (which was designed and written by my husband, Tim) and getting in all the necessary boards, boxes and equipment, I was ready to go! From then onwards, Wish Cakes was born......

I am based in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. I try to cover as much of the County as possible stretching from Portsmouth across to the New Forest and up to Basingstoke and beyond. I have even had orders from West Sussex, London, Norfok and Bristol!

I work from home, am fully insured and registered with Environmental Health. I create any type of cake you can imagine. From delicate floral cakes to 3D sculptures.

I have never attended any classes! My ideas come from books and magazines and my own imagination.