Tuesday, 9 October 2012

T-Rex - The Conclusion!

Unfortunately, my T-Rex cake didn't quite come out as planned....

I was rather disappointed, but after several days of leg preparation and several nights of no-sleep worrying, the standing T-Rex had to be put on ice :(

Quite reassuringly though, my friend, for whom I was making the cake, was in my kitchen the morning of the disaster and was quite relieved that the he turned into a sitting dino as she was concerned she wasn't going to get it to Marwell Activity Barn in one piece.

After trying to stack the cake and supporting board on top of the dowelled and iced legs, it just wasn't going to hold his weight.  The legs kept giving way, and despite my fervoured attempts to make him stand come what may, I had to admit defeat. 

Not something that I like doing, but, quite reassuringly, my friend, whose son the cake was for, was totally in agreement that I'd tried everything to make him stand. I think she was probably quite relieved that he then became a sitting dino, as she had to travel several miles with him in her boot!   I think transporting the standing one would have given her a nervous breakdown!

So, here is my very fat, very sitting, but nonetheless 3D T-Rex........

and of course, for my friend's daughter, teddy