Monday, 17 September 2012

Big Board - Mayflower Theatre Cake


The week before last I had a call from the PA to the CEO at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton.  Their CEO was retiring and they were holding a big party for him on Sunday, and they needed  a cake!

I've made cakes for the Mayflower in the past, the last being a Mayflower Van cake, but this one was to be bigger and better.  They asked me to create the front of the Mayflower on the top of the cake - it had to be for over 100 people!

Never one to turn down a challenge, I accepted and then went about planning how on earth I was going to make this as the largest cake I bake is a 12" square.

I spent the weekend re-creating Blue Peter with lots of paper, pencils and sellotape, working out proportions, how many cakes I would need and how to cut them to create the finished article.

In the end, I fashioned it out of 2 x 12" square cakes.  Using 26 eggs, approx 2kgs of flour, butter and sugar and around 6kgs of icing,  I barely managed to carry it through my kitchen and on to the dining room table between each icing session!  

Luckily, my husband was on hand Friday morning, when it was collected, to carry it to the car.  It's just amazing how heavy even the smallest of cakes can be, let alone one of this magnitude!  

I am pretty pleased with the finished result.  I had a lovely email this morning to say how happy they were with it.  The daily echo had also been present, but I didn't manage to get a picture of it in the paper :(  However, I understand that their photographer may well have taken a picture of the CEO with his cake, and I am hoping that I might well be able to get a hold of a picture.  

I hope that you like it too!

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